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Teach for Attention! is your tool belt of teaching strategies for students with ADHD, low self-confidence, distraction, and other attention challenges. Dozens of true classroom stories show the strategies in action. It’s all about making simple fixes so you can reach every student without changing your approach or revamping your curriculum. 

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Check out my articles and webinars on these sites!

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Check out my articles and

webinars on these sites!

My latest article is in the print version of the current ADDitude spring issue. More to come! Stay tuned...

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“Ezra’s unique ability to make analogies from our adult lives to our students’ lives are what make this groundbreaking book a must read for all teachers.”

—Christine Offutt, ed specialist,

Mission Hills, CA

“His frankness of speed bumps are relatable situations while offering genuine tested solutions through various anecdotes.”

—Valerie Sun, Ed.D., 

EmpowerED Consulting 

“His book is fun to read, offers different points of view, and contains concrete do’s and don’ts that can easily be implemented.”

—Michelle Podemski, third-grade teacher, Los Angeles, CA

“This book is witty and spot on, perfect for the busy yet thoughtful teacher who needs effective strategies to engage that struggling K–8 student with attentional issues. Pick and choose or read straight through.”

—Marcy Dann, M.A., board certified educational therapist


“Ezra’s approach is positive and reflects a deep understanding that students’ interests, talents, and styles provide the best cues to engagement. Using case studies and guest speakers in each chapter makes the reading both enjoyable and accessible.”

—Susan Baum, Ph.D., author of To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled 

and director of the 2e Center at Bridges Academy

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Inside the Book
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Inside the Book

  • The fun and effectiveness of bringing students' interests like movies, TV shows and hobbies into the classroom

  • How to keep students active in the classroom

  • How to use new technology, such as e-readers and speech recognition, to support reading and writing production

  • Specific techniques to make things clear visually

  • Simple sensory supports for hands, feet, legs and seat

  • How to increase students' confidence and reduce stress

  • How to make and use graphic charts to teach kids self-management

  • How recognizing our own attention-related strengths and deficits helps us empathize and understand our students

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My Story

As a classroom teacher, inclusion specialist, resource specialist and educational therapist, I have seen the struggles of teachers and students from every angle. For over 14 years, I've helped students and teachers succeed through the challenges of ADHD, learning disabilities and spectrum disorders. I hold a Master’s in Special Education with a concentration in Educational Therapy.

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My Story
Educational Therapy

"The ET approach is... to create change by alleviating fears, and boosting self-esteem by providing opportunities for incremental successes, thereby improving the attitude and behaviors related to learning and functioning in school, the workplace, and in the broader social-intellectual contexts of life."

-Maxine Ficksman & Jane Utley Adelizzi,

The Clinical Practice of Educational Therapy: A Teaching Model

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